Thursday, January 13, 2011

Camera Obscura - the beginnings

Camera obscura is a box or a locked room to which the light enters the interior through a small hole. Hence the name comes from the Latin camera obscura, a darkened room. Image of the pinhole camera is created on the basis of the intersection of the rays extending from the subject, which form on the film discs. The size depends on the diameter of the pinhole and the distance at which the photosensitive material is placed. However, the camera lens glass refract the rays from the object and focus the camera obscura to form punkty. The history of Camera Obscura dates back to ancient Egypt. Reportedly, the priests of Amun god Ra - the Sun God during the reign of Anenhotepa III were already familiar with the image capture. This hypothesis was announced by McCarter in 1928. This hypothesis was not confirmed until today.

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