Saturday, February 5, 2011

Color Temperature

Very helpful concept is the color temperature of light. Explaining the issue, Let's take an example. As everyone knows, we need to get a light warm up a body to a very high temperature. On this principle operate incandescent bulbs (the sun, too). Tungsten filament is heated by flowing through an electric current is not and starts to shine. Depending on this, the high temperature as it warms, it will shine a very bright or less intense, and thus, the color of light will change. Very easy to see the effect of torches, when the batteries are exhausted and the bulb gradually begin to produce less and less light - its color changes from dark yellow to yellowish red through and then goes off. It is associated with a drop in temperature to which the tungsten wire is heated up. The lower the temperature, the light is less intense and committed to its color red, the higher the temperature, the more light and its color changes in the direction of white. In case of further raising the temperature starts to dominate the color blue. As you can see, a given temperature corresponds to the specific color of light.

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