Monday, April 4, 2011

How to hold the camera taking pictures?

This is a seemingly ridiculous question, but holding the camera from a proper and correct to press the button (trigger) depends on whether the snapshot picture will come out well, or are "not bad". The Why?

All the cheap and simple digital cameras are shaped boxes measuring about 9cm x 5cm and a thickness of about 2cm. We write about cheap and simple, because such use of children. On the back of the camera, display, or screen-which is what we want to take photos or watch the pictures already taken. Display occupies almost the entire surface and on its sides, there are a few buttons to set the camera so that under the circumstances, the pictures were the best possible. A few buttons on it is on top of the camera.

It is very difficult to hold the camera in his hands without touching these buttons. And if you tighten your hand too much, it's very easy to accidentally change the settings.

Tips for holding your camera while shooting:

We have to keep it in my hands, that they did not cause any tightening of press of any button on the camera body.
However, we must firmly hold the camera to come out from his hand and rocked in his hands.
However, we must hold the camera quite freely because the gripping hand tremor and causes them to blur.
Shutter button, which button you press to take a picture, press slowly, gently. Why?
When you press the shutter a little, at this point begins the focus and exposure control. Pressing the end of the "button" to take a picture.
The focus and exposure control, although only occupy a fraction of second but too quick to press the shutter button to the end can make the picture is taken before the selected camera settings are correct.

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