Friday, March 25, 2011

Constant adjustments

Someone once said that if everything we always looked out for the first time, it would be us on earth, a hundred billion, maybe more. Bearing in mind that not everything goes right away, I like to keep the correct frame, lighting and setting the model. Usually I follow the progress on the monitor, so hook up your camera to your computer. During this session, the camera was also connected to the computer and using the plug-in for Lightroom pictures were sent for immediate preview on the screen. However, the "instant"is a term somewhat exaggerated. Leica S2 (ie the camera, who then tested) communicates with the computer via a wired USB 2.0, which combined with the plugin for Lightroom proves to be very lucky combination. Compared with a FireWire connection and software Phase One, which often work, transmission speed left much to be desired.

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