Monday, March 14, 2011

Photography and motion

Since the photograph as a finished image is stationary, has long been controversy continues about the best way to record the movements. Some argue that it is best to freeze the shares will write a short shutter speed (for example, extracting an effort on his face as an athlete in the example above). Others tout a long exposure time and, for example tracking the movement of the subject apparatus, or panning. Shooting in the rally car so it's easy to quickly overcome the impression of distance by contrast sharply with the car mapped blurred background (similar to what we see out the window fast-moving train.) In short, the "weakness" photograph often becomes its strength. Besides, sometimes the difficulties in achieving the cheer to the increased effort, which results in interesting and successful solutions. Paradoxically, the limitations of photography, that is, its distance from reality, they are also the most effective weapon in the fight for "true" representation of the world - a difficult, easy or even possible is another.

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