Friday, March 11, 2011

Photography and time

On the one hand, photography is not able to show reality in-time, on the other - easily can show the world not visible with the naked eye. Simply select the appropriate exposure time. Just as framing the scene cuts to a particular piece, pretending that nothing around there, just a short shutter speed cuts lasting for a split second moment, invisible to humans. Similarly, on the other end of the spectrum - a slow shutter speed allows you to accumulate time for one image, creating an image, without the aid of a camera we would not have opportunities zobaczyć.Odmienne from the human perception of time to present it in the photograph extends well into the problems of vibration and image blur. Picture taken from the hand at shutter speeds are too long to get nieporuszonego image at first glance, it looks unnatural - not so we see the world. Yet again we find the difference between us, which is placed at each unsteady step in the confusion, consciousness and reality. Human brain images from multiple vibrating migawkowo coming to him during the short time he can put together a fairly clear representation of reality. Uwiarygadnia them by the fact that we know that at any given time we go (or sway from side to side) or ride the tram for example, where the very shaking. In a sense, the way in which photography plays with time, can in some cases to compensate for the flat image photographed by the viewer to experience the scene all the senses. Action frozen very short shutter speed allows you to look at the athlete's face, was making a superhuman effort, and provide the atmosphere of sportsmanship during the competition doping clattering fans. Slightly raised, grainy photograph on the night will give a better mood walking after dark, when they actually may be somewhat vague and careless than the razor-sharp shot.

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