Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sight and other senses

If a photographer wants to accurately depict the scene so that the viewer's feelings were a little similar to what would feel, being a photographer on site at the time of the photo, you just have to cheat. Why? Because, contrary to appearances, even the most faithful to the visual placing shooting situation of little avail. Finally, we have five senses, right? That is why, taking pictures, we try to compensate for the lack of smell or sound. Lazy summer afternoon in the quaint Parisian cafe is not just a tiny table with circular top and unhurried gazing at the crowd of passers-by. It is also a hubbub of voices, clatter of dishes collected by the waiters, the sound of coffee, the smell of coffee and croissants, mixed with the smell of perfume and cologne, and (thankfully less and less) cigarette smoke. How does it show the picture? The answer is simple, such as always - by resorting to manipulation!

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