Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photography and its context

Nothing exists in a vacuum, photography as well. Therefore, the key issue for the "right" (with these or other reasons) receiving photos is the context - both the circumstances in which we see a particular photograph and the circumstances of its creation. There is significant knowledge of the person views the photo, her life experience, expectations of photography in general and against the genre of photography, to which the image data. In short - everything is important.

Otherwise, read the full photograph frames of references to the classical masters of a person familiar with the history of this medium, and otherwise a complete layman, for whom it will be "just black and white picture" (I recommend an article that will appear in "Wide frame" in the next month) . Childless, single, loves to party all night otherwise insightful look at the photo of the lovely little baby than the mother of two children.

A person without much contact with photogrpahy, new to the technical issues can be delighted shots that do not bear any value beyond the persuasive presentation of the application of a technique. For her, it will be "incredible fota", for us, nothing special.

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